Dan Dolme 1

Dan's girlfriend disapears when he least expects it, and now he is trapped in the World of Videogames! Or as described by others:

"Dan Dolme is an "athletic" man who must manage to maneuver a difficult track to reach his goal."

"Dan Dolme is partly a pseudonym for he who coded up the game, a philosopher of seldom seen kind, clearly analogous to fine folks like Plato, Socrates, John Locke and Martin Luther."

"It is now rather clear to see the similarities between your own life and the game. The aim of life is to acquire a high social status (get as far as possible), get money (pick $) and to find a wonderful person of the opposite sex to settle down with (fuck)." "In addition the girls get finer the further you get."

"For in the end of the game is happiness, at least as it is defined by the society we live in."

"I'm trying to jump on my piss again… there we go."


Software platforms

Windows / Reactoszipzip


Native: version made especiallay for this platform.
Compatible: version that should run on this platform.
Unavailable: no version is available for this platform (yet).